March 17, 2011


Today Rowan and I both woke up in a great mood and Rowan played with her "baby paper" for the first time.
Then we listened to music and got ready for the day.
St Patty's Day= green bloomers 
Then we went to Target, and it was so hectic and everyone there was rude so we bailed! But not without purchasing a few new things for our closets...
Now we're back home with music blasting and the windows and curtains open to enjoy the gorgeous day. Can't wait for Papa to get home since we have rented movies to watch and lots of snuggling to do.


  1. lovely love your red shoes! I'm so into shoes right now and have been looking for some cute summery flats as I am too tall to wear heels around the hubs. Where did you get those? Love them! Rowan is as cute as ever!

  2. Thanks! I got the flats from Target but that was last year so I don't know if you'll still be able to find them there :o( I got a new pair today though that are pretty similar but in yellow! They also had turquoise.. you should check out their shoe section for sure!

  3. hahah she is just too cute, those cheeks, those dimples, aw.

    and got to love days like those.. we've had a lot around here lately


  4. your days seem so perfect. also, all the lovely items i see you wearing are always from Target. i wish we had one here in England. i looked at their site and saw so many wonderful things!

  5. Oh Target. I bought those same exact yellow shoes from there on Tuesday. Too great to pass up... amongst a whole cart full of other things as well of course....

  6. i have shoes very close to your red ones. favs!
    people are rude everywhere...i say i want to get out but then, once i am, i just want to get back into my bubble.

  7. love Rowans headband! Where did you get it?

  8. I love Target! Whenever I go, I always spend more money then intended. I love Rowan's little baby thighs, too cute :)


  9. Dear girl whose blog I read,

    Did you see this?

    It's a really good day to shop. Thought you'd be interested! - Steph

  10. You two are so adorable. I wish I could have my windows open, but its only 34 degrees today...

  11. Thanks girls!!!

    LauraS: baby paper is basically a thin plastic/paper-like material inside soft fabric that baby's love because of the crinkly sound it makes, but soft enough to play with and safe to chew on!

    She Said: lou and lee on etsy

  12. Stephanie Joy: thanks for the tip! I'll definitely take a look ;o)

  13. Rowans headband is amazingly cute! I wish lou&lee shipped to Australia!