April 11, 2011

Home Videos

Well that was the longest I've ever gone without blogging since I started TART. Let's just say I had a lot of things to deal with, still am dealing with it all, and just couldn't do the internet thing until now. 

I thought I'd share some home videos of Rowan and her newest tricks.

1. Screaming/squealing-  Nope she's not upset, she's just discovering her voice and practicing for her future singing career.. like mother like daughter: 

2. Grabbing at everything in front of her/fake coughing- She does this on the regular and seriously her fake cough with a grin is my favorite.. it's so cute:

3. Sitting up- she still can't sit up on her own for long but here she is practicing:


  1. AWWWWWWW....how CUTE is she?!?!!? Loved these. Thanks for sharing your cute baby and making my day much better. My favorite one is the look she gave you after her trying to sit. TOO CUTE! Hope things are going much better for you and have a great day.

  2. Could she possibly get any cuter? She's such a doll!!!

  3. so cute. i just started following your blog--i love it! your baby girl is too cute and i am insanely jealous that you live in hawaii!!

  4. haha that last video cracks me up :) too cute!

  5. ADORABLE! I love how she fake coughs with a HUGE smile. haha!

    Hope everything is going well! :)

  6. How freaking cute! your baby is such a cutie

  7. at the risk of sounding repetitive i have to say "CUTE!!!"

    i missed your daily updates in the last few days, but think it's more important for you to get your "real" life in order etc. we (your loyal readers) understand and hope that everything gets better for you soon!
    sending lots of positive energy your way <3

  8. She is such a doll! Honestly, she could not be any cuter. That fake cough was adorable!

  9. Wonderful videos. And, lately I've been trying to be less "strict" with myself about blogging. It ought to be a fun, creative outlet, not a second job. Sometimes you've got to give all of your attention to real life. : p


    All This Grace and Charm

  10. she is full of cuteness! The fake cough is hysterical :-)

  11. the cough with the smile is the cutest ever!!