May 31, 2011

The Fair

Yesterday we went to the fair, played games and ate delicious food...

May 30, 2011

The Awards Show

Well The 86 List didn't win but it was a really fun night! The only bad part was that I had to leave Rowan for the longest I've ever left her.. s.e.v.e.n. h.o.u.r.s. ::sniff sniff tear:: Luckily we had a very trustworthy sitter and at least I knew she was well taken care of.
Top row: my outfit, in the car on the way to meet up with everyone, the gorgeous day.
Middle row: the limo we all took together, some of the gang, lovebirds.
Bottom row: extra fruity/pretty cocktail, The 86 List, me and Serena. 
Top row: my shoes duh, the ticket to get in, our dessert.
Middle row: the venue, D and Otto texting away, the gang texting away.
Bottom row: the crazy huge bar, Otto and D, their nominee intro. 

May 28, 2011

Last Night

Last night I went out with some friends to see a band from Portland, called Menomena, play. It was a really fun night besides the fact that they made us wait forever before taking the stage and then made us wait even longer while they took their sweet time setting up. They were ok but honestly I enjoyed my BLAT at Downbeat Diner afterwards more. 
D and Rowan let me sleep in and get this blog post together before we head out to shop for a dress/outfit for tomorrow. D's band, The 86 List, is nominated for a Na Hoku Hanohano Award this year and we're all taking a limo to the awards show tomorrow! It will be streaming live here if you're interested in watching! Keep your fingers crossed for him.

May 26, 2011


I absolutely love black and white photos and I really should post them more often. Here are a few I took of Rowan a couple of days ago.

May 25, 2011

Vintage D

You asked for 'em and you got 'em.. here are some pics of baby D! I actually posted these on the blog when I was pregnant but here's a little refresher. 

Vintage Me

My mom just sent me these photos of baby-me and I can't get over how much Rowan and I look alike. Although I think the same thing when I see pictures of D. Everyone is always saying "I can't tell who Rowan looks like more." Well that's because she's one of those 50/50 babies. A direct and even blend of both of us. I can't wait to see what our future babies will look like. Will they be an even blend? Or look more like me or more like D? The possibilities are endless but no matter the mix, they'll be 100% our love. 


Here are some outfits I've been putting together lately. Not all of them ended up being worn that day but it's still a peek into my closet...

May 24, 2011

Papa Post

A guest post by yours truly
Ro's pop..

For this month's installment of Papa Post I've felt compelled to share my opinion about certain things pertaining to music and the industry. A little while ago I was introduced to a song that one of the New York Housewives' husband released. I was somewhat sickened. Unfortunately he wasn't the first less than average talent to release a, in my opinion, lame song. Now there's this Rebecca Black chick and countless others. I feel sad that our society is accepting of this, I mean these people are getting rich off these songs that are so over produced and not even really them, there's so many effects and auto tune computer made mumbo jumbo. I'm not saying I'm the best and know everything but I do feel it's ridiculous how the world has created these music monsters. There's so much real talent in this world that goes unnoticed, I could go on for days about recording techniques, things about American Idol and such but I wont. I mostly wanted to say that it sucks that just cause you're rich or were involved in some stupid reality tv show, people give you a pat on the back and say something is great when in reality "don't quit your day job" should be said. Don't get me wrong, have fun and do what makes you happy, but sometimes the truth hurts and I think people need to be more honest with each other and we won't have to be subjected to madness like "Friday", which by the way thanks for ruining the day and the movie.


Hey folks! I'm taking a little poll for the next week (to your right) and I'd love some feedback. I'm just curious to see what interests you all most and if there's anything you'd like to see more of here on le blog. Feel free to give multiple answers.. thanks!

May 23, 2011

Sponsor Le Blog

I'm now accepting sponsors for the month of June!
It's $15 for the 150x150 ad and all sponsors will be on the right sidebar, rotating throughout the month so that everyone has their moment at the top. I'll also do an introductory post at the 1st of the month, linking to your blogs and other social networks.
Contact me at jesshoeft@gmail if interested!
Thanks! xoxo