May 05, 2011


Today Rowan is 7 months old, which also happens to be Cinco de Mayo, which also happens to be the very last day I will be 25 years old since my birthday is tomorrow. She's getting older, the holiday is getting older, I'm getting older, time is cruel. 
Rowan loves:
chewing on water bottles, making clicking noises with her tongue, tilting her head to look at things sideways, kicking & splashing in the tub & playing with the bubbles, sticking out her tongue, when Mama does The Charleston and sings "Hello my baby! Hello my Darlin!"
Rowan doesn't love:
when she can't reach things she wants to chew on, being tired, Papa's work schedule.
Rowan's stats:
16 lbs, 6 oz and 25(ish) inches
Some of Rowan's firsts:
6 months, 3 days- sat up on her own with no hands for a long time
6 months, 4 days- ate green beans and rice baby food for the first time
6 months, 5 days- blew raspberries & played in her new walker for the first time
6 months, 6 days- first night she started sleeping in her crib in her room every night (we were co-sleeping up until this point)
6 months, 8 days- ate apples & apricots baby food for the first time
6 months, 9 days- started propping up on her hands and knees and rocking for the first time
6 months, 12 days- first family picnic, first time at the lake, first time seeing ducks and really playing in the grass
6 months, 13 days- first time playing guitar
6 months, 15 days- ate blueberry, pear & purple carrot baby food for the first time
6 months, 16 days- ate pear & mango baby food for the first time
6 months, 18 days- drank out of a sippy cup for the first time
6 months, 19 days- first Easter and Easter basket
6 months, 23 days- first time in the pool, first time she ate an entire jar of baby food (apples & apricots)
6 months, 24 days- first time watching fireworks
6 months, 27 days- ate peach, oatmeal & banana baby food for the first time
6 months, 28 days- sat in shopping cart at the store for the first time
6 months, 29 days- pulled herself up from sitting to standing for the first time
(check out Rowan at 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, 4 months, 5 months, 6 months)


  1. She is such a beautiful little girl!! Xo!

  2. What a pretty dress on Rowan! Happy 7 Month Birthday, pretty girl!!

  3. Uh, Rowan is just soooo adorable! But you knew that already! <3

  4. happy 7 months ro and happy early birthday jess!! i can not believe how tinnnnyyy she is! noah just turned 6 months and is 20/8 and 29 inches!

  5. Oh, that last one is just too presh!

    I know it's hard to see your babe getting older, but don't worry about getting older yourself - 26 was one of my favorite years ever, and so far 27 is even better : )

    And happy birthday tomorrow!



  6. dear Ro, if i ever meet you, i might just squeeze and kiss the heck out of your cheeks! you've been warned :) gosh, you are so dang pretty!

  7. Happy Birthday Eve to you, and Happy 1/2 birthday +1month to Rowan. She is a very pretty little girl :)

  8. Aww, happy 7 months! She's just adorable and her little dress is so cute. I've got to say, at least in my opinion, being 26 is even more fun than 25 so hopefully it will be the same for you ;D

  9. I <3 this post. And if it's any consolation, I celebrated my fourth 29th birthday in February, so you're definitely not getting older any faster than I am. ;-)

  10. We share a birthday! yay for May 6th:) xo

  11. Isnt is crazy how fast time goes?! Everyone is always saying.."enjoy it..because they grow so fast"..and in the beginning I was like ya ya..but my son is now 9 months and it is unreal! Happy 7 months to your baby!

    Delighted Momma

  12. she is just too cute! happy birthday!

  13. Goodness. How very beautiful!! I love the vintage dress she's in! I buy vintage dresses for my future niece (due in July). Makes me wish I can redo a lot of the photos I took of my little guys when they were babies! hehe.

  14. Happy Birthday!

    You have such a beautiful girl. I love her dress as well. You can see that your home is filled with so much love. She always looks so at peace.

  15. What a sweetheart, she suits that wee dress she is wearing perfectly! :)

  16. Happy birthday to you and happy 7th month to Rowan! And then happy mother's day, you lucky lady!

  17. Happy Birthday, hope you're having a great one.

  18. She is SO cute!! Why have I never seen your blog before.. that's a crime! I love it!