June 28, 2011

About Me

-I love period movies
-My favorite candy bars are Whatchamacallits & Zeros 
-I love giving people nicknames
-When I'm feeling uninspired to blog I change the desktop picture on my computer. It's a small change but it's refreshing when you walk into your office to something new.
-I love old people. They have the best stories.
-When I'm bored I love to go to this website and give myself different/funny makeovers. It's ridiculous how much fun I have doing this. Also? You're welcome for sharing this website with you... you'll be addicted in no time.
-I love zodiac stuff
-I hate olives
-I'm already 99% sure what all our future kids' names will be... first and middle.
-I used to be a vodka girl all the way, but now I'm pretty hooked on rum & cokes.
-I can't stand it when, in scary movies, the victim is running as fast as they can and the bad guy is only walking after them but somehow still manage to keep up. SO DUMB.
-I won a fishing tournament when I was a kid.
-D and I have been together for a total of 3 years in August and the longest we've ever been apart is one day.
-One of my all time favorite tv shows is Cougar Town. Don't let the name fool you. It's hilarious.
-If I'm ever famous, some extremely hideous pictures of me from high school are sure to surface.. haha
-I think southern accents are adorable
-I want to go to London for our 3 year wedding anniversary
-I hate when people call to ask me for directions when they can goole map it. It's really not that hard people.
-This is one of my all time favorite websites. It's free and has pretty much any and every show you'd want to watch online. You can only watch 72 mins at a time (don't ask me why) but you only have to wait half an hour before you can start watching again. This is how I catch up on all my HBO shows the day after they air. Amazing.
-The most embarrassing day of my life was the first time I tried to snowboard. 'Nough said.
-Some of my fondest memories are of the summers we spent at my grandparents' house playing kick ball in the street with the neighbor kids during the day and catching fireflies in mason jars at night.
-When I was younger I was obsessed with driving a white jeep like Cher did in Clueless
-Every time I see an episode of Hoarders I want to get rid of half of the stuff in my house
-I think Snoop Dogg is the shizzle
-I used to go through phases where I'd listen to the same band over and over again for months before moving on to something else. Now I love the randomness of Pandora.
-I still have my song writing notebooks from when I was 14. They are beyond hilarious to read through
-I love Dollywood.. and Dolly Parton
-I used to have pets named Mele, Hoku, Martini, Hendrix, Ziggy and Kingston
-My newest obsession is putting on a cold gel eye mask for 20 mins at night 
-I think Angelina Jolie is highly overrated
-I'm totally Team Edward
-I hate cooking. Sorry D.

You can check out my last "about me" post here.


  1. Haha I laughed at the white jeep thing...I remember those days! And I agree, Angelina Jolie is indeed overrated.

    It's awesome to learn more about you, lady. Love your blog!

  2. i love your about me!

    i hate olives too...yuccckk.

  3. Your 'about me' posts are so fun to read.

    I have a secret list of my future kids full names written down somewhere. Secret because I don't want anyone else to steal them.

  4. Aww. I love this! I completely agree about Angelina. And Team Edward is the only way to go. =D

  5. Thank you so much for that link. I totally put Zooey Deschanel's hair on my head.

  6. I love Cougar Town, Ellie is my absolute favorite! Checking out those websites now

  7. Yay for Team Edward! Lol! And I hate olives too and cooking. Baking is ok but only occasionally. And yeah, I feel proud of how much stuff I don't have when I watch Hoarders!

  8. bahahahahaha! white jeep!!! me too, girl. me too.

  9. Okay, just a couple things. Thanks to this post I just spent an hour making myself over on that website and plan to do many more. Yay! Second, I loooove sidereel.com and also use it to help me catch up on my cable shows! And lastly, totally agree with you about Angelina. Totally! :)

  10. hehe I am more team Jacob but, gosh I was nodding my head agreeing with so much of your post!! I want to get rid of things after watching hoarders too;0 Fun to read this!

  11. cougar town is "set" here where I live

  12. i love this post! i have been lurking/stalking you for a while now and it's time i came out and said some things.
    #1- i love cougar town.
    #2- i will now be able to catch up on those episodes of WEEDS that i missed. thankyouverymuch!
    #3- i had a white jeep in high school and now i'm feeling very cool.
    #4- i had a dog named mele too. in college.
    #5- i do not like angelina. too fake.

    and p.s. your baby makes me want more babies myself. and that's crazy talk for me! but she is delicious!

  13. I am obsessed with Side Reel! I found it by typing in "Let me freaking watch my shit already." Or something. I hate how it does the 72 mins thing. I do, however, love that it has everything. Does yours even lie to you and say you've watched 72 mins when you most certainly have not?! That pisses me right off.

  14. Great list. Regarding Dolly, I think you need this print:


  15. This was seriously so fun to read!
    I loved all your pets names. and that you are team Edward!

  16. zeros all the way!!! that website. ridiculous! especially the hot looks part... i always wondered what i'd look like as beyonce :D and if you go to london i am going to be soooooo jealous—i'm dying to go to europe!

  17. Funny tidbits. Okay, I have now commented on a bunch of your posts. Couldn't help it - I felt compelled! I am officially following your blog.