June 27, 2011

Maui Trip

We're back! We actually got back yesterday but I was way too pooped to bust out this image heavy post. 
Our Maui trip may have been short, but it was gorgeous and fun and a mini-trip to remember. 
We arrived at 6pm and by the time we got Rowan's car seat from the baggage claim, picked up our rental car, and got on the road for our 30-40 min drive, we decided to skip checking into our hotel until later and headed straight over to see Erin, Mike, Noah and Logan at their hotel. We had dinner at one of the nearby hotel restaurants, had pina colada's and lava flows, played with our kiddos and had a great night. I pretty much love them even more now and it makes me really sad that we don't live closer. I didn't take very many pictures (and some are out of focus, oops!) because I kept thinking "we'll take more later when we leave the restaurant" but then we were hurrying back to our car because I left Rowan's diapers in our luggage in the trunk (I know, mom fail!) and I was pretty distracted from my photo duties.
I'm really happy they let us interrupt their family vacation and took the time to have dinner with us. They're seriously lovely people and I think we may just have to take a trip to Alaska sometime in the future. 
The next morning we finally got to see our hotel since we had checked in so late the night before and didn't even realize how beautiful it was. The doors were still key locked, the view of the mountains from our room, the columns of the hotel, the pool right next to the beach... it was beautiful.
After taking a quick look around we headed out onto Front Street in Lahaina and checked out the touristy shops before ending up in Starbucks... mama's gotta get her coffee fix!
We decided we didn't want to rush to make it to our 2pm flight so we changed it to a few hours later, walked around some more and had lunch at Cool Cat Cafe before heading back to our hotel pool. 
It was a great trip and Rowan's now been to 3 Hawaiian islands(that's including here on Oahu of course) before 9 months! We have another trip coming up in August to the mainland and, although I'm pretty terrified of flying, I'm grateful we have the means to travel and show Rowan a little bit of the world. 


  1. looks like the perfect little trip! mildly dyeing of jealousy over how gorgeous it is there!

  2. looks like an amazing time. Never been to Hawaii, but that scenery is breathtaking.

  3. beautiful pics!! i can't wait to go to hawaii one day!!

  4. I love your black dress and sandal in that one picture! So cute!

  5. This makes me want to move to Hawaii! Gorgeous!

  6. I lovvee that picture of Rowan looking up at her dad! So cute!

  7. These pictures are beautiful and you're so pretty in all of them! Sounds like it was a wonderful trip. Pretty soon, Rowan will be a world traveler! :)

  8. sounds like an amazing trip! I'd love to visit Maui!

  9. So awesome that you got to meet Erin!
    It's just beautiful there. I hope to go someday!