July 05, 2011


Rowan is now 9 months old and this is my favorite age yet. I say that every month, but really, this one is my favorite ::wink:: She's giggly and talkative and such a little explorer. It's fun to watch her discover something new and figure out how things are done.
Rowan loves:
walking along the side of the couch, playing with her toy blocks, chewing on her mama's wallet, helping to hold the spoon when mama feeds her, chasing her mama and papa around the house.
Rowan doesn't love:
cutting 4 teeth at once, when we take the remotes away from her, the sound of the vacuum.
Rowan's stats:
17 lb, 12 oz and 27 1/2 inches.
Some of Rowan's firsts:
8 months, 6 days- first time sitting in a highchair at a restaurant
8 months, 10 days- first cut (a little one on her forehead)
8 months, 20 days- first trip to Maui, first time meeting Erin and her family
8 months, 27 days- first time meeting Lori and her family, first time riding in her "big girl stroller"
8 months, 29 days- first 4th of July


  1. She is such a little doll!! 9 months IS a fun age..they get such a great little spunky personality!

    XO Lindsay

  2. Aw. How adorable. Imagine how much cuter can she get?

  3. she COULD NOT POSSIBLY be more precious. and months 9-12 were my very favorite baby months! seriously such a charming age, and they do so many new things & learn so fast! walking & talking will come up quick, and it's sooooo amazing. i love seeing what i great time you have being her mama! such a lovely pair you make. xoxo!

  4. She is absolutely beautiful, I don't know how you ever get anything done with all that cuteness!

  5. She is such a cute little girl. (:3 more months to go then she'll be one!

  6. Happy 9 months to your baby girl. She is adorable.

  7. Hi Jessica! I just love your blog and your sweet family. I had a question for you.... My family is taking a trip to Princeville, Kauai and we have never been before. I was wondering if you have any places you think we should visit while there. I know you don't live there but I thought perhaps you've visited! Thanks so much!!

    Lindsey from tiniest pet shop

  8. LK: I've actually still never visited Kauai! Sorry I wish I could help!

  9. OMG! Those pictures are WAY TOO ADORABLE!!! You have the most sweetest little girl ever!

  10. Yay Rowan! You are absolutely gorgeous :) Happy 9 months!

  11. pinchable, squeezable and always adorable!

  12. I feel like the last person on Earth to find your blog but I'm glad that I did! Your photos and colors and blog as a whole ARE BEAUTIFUL.
    (and I'm fellow Hawaii girl! ee!)