July 14, 2011

Black, White & Studs

Since I've been sick and stuck at home I've been doing little odd jobs that I've been meaning to take care of for awhile around the house. One of those jobs was to tackle my closet. While I was sorting and organizing I was reminded that there's still a continuous theme to my clothing/accessories: black, white & studs. Yes, I love florals, colors and romantic/vintage pieces just like most other girls but when you get down to the heart and soul of my closet you find me. I love that no matter what other styles I play with or have a fashion affair with or wish I tried more often I still have my favorites, stick to my roots, and try not to lose my edge.
This isn't even half of my shoe collection and yes, I have even more pairs that are black and white.
Some of my bracelets- not including my b&w necklaces, rings & hair accessories...
80% of my purses have studs on them.

What would I find in your closet?


  1. You'd find a giant mess in my closet right now! Lol! Love all your shoes!

  2. Ummm, everything you own in these pictures are adorable. Please send them my way! :) Thanks

    in our sea of love

  3. Awesome, love the studs. And I can totally picture you predominantly in black and studs :) I guess in my closet there's a lot of random colors, polka dots, and florals...but not sure if there's one central underlying theme. :)

  4. hahaha that bag collection is too funny! at least you know what you like :)

  5. Lots of lace and ruffles! I LOVE edgy stuff like this, for ladies like you who can pull it off, but it's just not me. I'm soft and romantic at my core, and my closet definitely reflects that. Fun post!



  6. lots of black, leopard print, and gold in my closet! quite a few studded bags, lots of marc jacobs, and super bright and obnoxious heels. but like, in a classy rock n roll kind of way- not in a stripper deluxe way! fantastic stuff you've got there, lady. get better soon.

  7. I have an obsession with studs so I have serious bag envy here!

    Lots of floral, leopard print, and peter pan collars in my closet!


  8. Well...our shoe collections are very very different. I basically wear boy shoes, haha. And my bags are like, backpacks from Mountain Equipment Co-Op and souvenir tote bags from places I've been. Not pretty, but very functional.