July 25, 2011

Sponsor Le Blog

I'm now accepting sponsors for the month of August!
It's $15 for the 150x150 ad or $10 for the 150x70 ad. All sponsors will be on the right sidebar(large ads always above small ads), rotating throughout the month. I'll also do an introductory post at the 1st of the month, linking to your blogs and other social networks.

We receive anywhere from 2,000- 2,800 views a day. The lower views are usually on the weekends because everyone's out and about instead of at home on their computers. Occasionally we have even higher views (2,800-3,200) but that's just here and there with the more popular posts or when other popular bloggers link to us. 
In addition, we have 486 twitter followers and 135 Bloglovin' followers.
Contact me at jesshoeft@gmail if interested!
Thanks! xoxo

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