August 30, 2011

Let Me Tell You A Secret..

I've been holding out on you folks!
I know that many of you use the iPhone app Instagram and I have a secret that I've been keeping to myself for a long time and felt it was time to share this little bit of knowledge with you all. You can thank me later..

Some of you that follow me here and on IG have noticed and asked why you never saw some of the pictures that I posted here on IG even though they're clearly IG photos.
Thaaaaat's because I figured out how to filter and save my iphone pics to my camera roll without posting them to IG! That way you're all not getting a complete repeat on here of what you've already seen on IG(and I can keep some of the filtered photos to myself too).
Still with me???

This is how you do it:

Take a picture:

Choose your filter and click "next":

On the next page, notice the little circle that's thinking to the top left? That is what is actually already saving your filtered picture to your camera roll! You just have to wait until it's done thinking and disappears before doing anything else! Once it disappears, just click the "back" button... obviously don't click the "done" button or it will upload to IG as normal.

Hit "back" again and click out of  everything to return to your main IG screen.

Go to your photos and notice that the picture wasn't uploaded to IG...

... but WAS uploaded into your camera roll!

That's it! Easy as pie.
Happy Instagraming!


  1. oh, neat!
    i was wondering how i could do this! thanks, girl. : )

  2. i'm an OG instagram user.. @hboo
    i've been doing this for a long time!
    guess we shared this little 'secret' lol ;)

  3. Love this - I totally stumbled on how to do this a few weeks back when working on an "instagram" book for my husband's birthday. It is SUCH a good trick, I do it all the time.

  4. That is amazing!!! Love it. Thanks!

  5. WOAH!

    thanks to you i don't need to upload and quickly delete photos that i didn't want all over IG. you are awesome.

  6. wow!!! thanks!! when i want pics for a blog post i hate that i have to unload them on I don't.

    thank ya lady :)

  7. I do this all the time!!! it's my way of double filtering so I can have lighter pictures. I don't like the black border of nashville, but I like the light effect it gives to pictures. so I do nashville first, then I refilter the edited picture with a white outlined filter for a very light touch....great minds think alike, my friend! :)

  8. Damn! It doesn't seem to be working now with the new update. Have you figured out a new way to save them to the roll camera maybe, lovely lady?! :)

  9. So I know this is an old post, but I've been doing this same thing on my itouch since I've had it. But I just got an iphone, and now it won't save the picture to my phone even when I do publish it to instagram let alone with just letting the little circle finish thinking. Any help?

  10. Alex and Tristan: I'm not sure!! I recently updated my Instagram app and now it doesn't work! :( Sorry!

  11. Aww...sad day :(

    Thanks for the help though!