September 30, 2011

Hello Sponsors!

I'd like to introduce you to our sponsors this month:
Over the past two years, I completed law school, became an attorney, got engaged, moved to Chicago, got pregnant, had a baby, and got married. Having just turned 27 years old, I have come to realize how busy and fast life moves and how unbelievably amazing this time of my life is. I believe I have the most incredibly loving, smart, and selfless husband and the most beautiful, happy, baby on the face of this earth. This is a spot to read and learn about my life as a new wife and mother and to share the journeys, joys, ups and downs, and everything in between, here with me in the Mom's Corner.

Hi, I'm Joanna. Wife to handsome, sailor Dan. Mom to Nico and Lola. I am a working girl turned stay-at-home mom and military wife. Join my adventures in raising a witty, rambunctious toddler and his equally adorable baby sister.

My name is Maryam and I blog over at Pamplemousse1983. I love crafting, shopping, cooking, travelling, oversized sunglasses, and my little family and my blog includes all that and more. I blog about things that catch my eye and about the ups and downs of new motherhood. I hope you stop by and say hello!

A Paper Mama and her Paper Baby.

 Mother to Wyatt. Wife to Josh. Never reversed.
My name is Danielle, and I live in a wonderful small town with my husband, our darling baby boy, and a Boston Terrier named Madeline. Sometimes Sweet is a snapshot of our life, mixed with an assortment of many other sweet somethings that catch my eye on a daily basis.
Hello! My name is Ashley and I'm the little something in the making that shares the penthouse floor with a sailor named Kris, and a Boxer named Jack. The 29th Floor is our blog about life, style, and our view from the top.

Hi all! My name is Caitlin and I blog over at To Make Love Stay. I am thrilled to be sponsoring TART this month because Jessica is one of my favorite bloggers and her family is just adorable.  I'm a 20-something newlywed living with my amazing husband, Rob, and adorable beast, Cypress. I like juice, tattoos, writing and blogging, episodes of 30 Rock on Netflix, good music, my husband, lilacs, martinis, pomegranates, things that make me laugh, not feeling anxious, and exercising.  Generally I blog about all of these things, and some other awesome things too. If you'd like to learn more about me please check out my blog!

hello there! my name is ivelisse and i was definitely born in the wrong era. in other words, i'm an old lady trapped in a twenty something year old's body. i'm married to a pretty awesome (and pretty handsome, if i do say so myself) man. together we have a lovely little gal named julianna (aka "Jules"). i'm a graduate student, a vintage obsessor, and a craft enthusiast, to name a few. in my opinion, a life without chocolate and coffee is no life at all! ;) come say hello!

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