September 11, 2011

Your Questions Have Been Answered..

Q: How old were you when you became pregnant with Rowan?
A: I was 24 when I got pregnant and 25 by the time I had her.

Q: How did you know you were ready to become a mama?
A: I had a serious case of baby fevahhh after we got married but I knew it wasn't time and held out on trying for a baby(Derek was pretty much ready whenever I was). Then we went to visit my family for Christmas 2009 and after having all of that family time I knew that I was ready. It was just a feeling. We found out that I was pregnant on our 1 year wedding anniversary! 

Q: How did you and your husband decide on your little girl's name?
A: I had read the name somewhere before we were even married and loved it, but I actually had planned to use it for a boy because it's a unisex name. I suggested the name to Derek but he didn't like it for a boy so we kind of ruled it out. Then we found out we were having a girl and I was so obsessed with the name Rowan that I suggested it as a girl's name instead and he loved it(he felt it was a more feminine name anyway). Derek picked out her middle name, Olivia.

Q: What's the meaning behind Rowan's name?
A: No special meaning, just loved the name!

Q: How did you and D meet?
A: I had started our band with some friends but we still didn't have a drummer so our bassist asked Derek(they were roommates at the time) and the first time I met him was at a mini band practice at their house. When I saw him I recognized him immediately from a show that I had seen, but not met, him at a few weeks before. We didn't actually end up dating until 2 1/2 years later because we were dating other people. Cute story: I coincidentally ended up buying my wedding dress from a local boutique that was directly across from that very first place I laid eyes on him.

Q: Who would play you in a movie about your life? 
A: An actress I think kinda looks like me- Drew Barrymore
An actress I think kinda acts like me- Tori Spelling

Q: What's your favorite comfort food?
A: Potato chips

Q: What's your favorite film?
A: That's a tough one but I'm gonna go with Clueless. 

Q: What's your favorite band?
A: No Doubt.

Q: What was your very first tattoo? Any meaning behind it?
A: Let's just say it's something in honor of my grandpa.

Q: When did you know that your husband was "the one?"
A: Well I kiiinda always made jokes with him about that even when we weren't dating. I'd randomly ask him "so when are you gonna marry me?" and he'd say "whenever you want." It pretty much worked out that way.. so I guess... from the start?  

Q: Do you plan on getting more tattoos? If so, of what and where?
A: Yes, I'm definitely getting tattoos for my future babies. I plan to stick to my forearms but I won't decide on what to get until I give birth to them. ;)

Q: Do you want another baby? If so, when?
A: Absolutely! We've talked about trying for another baby next year but we're not setting an exact timeline or getting pregnant based on how far apart we want our kids to be in age. We're just going to try for another when it feels right again. So who knows! That could be tomorrow! ;)

Q: Would you ever want to make a vlog?
A: Sure! I've made make-up and hair tutorials before but I guess I've never posted a regular ol' vlog. I'll try to post one soon.

Q: Why are you so awesome?
A: I take two teaspoons of rock and roll every morning.

Q: What were the other name contenders for Rowan?
A: I think I'll keep those to myself for our next little girl..

Q: What's your favorite book?
A: The Great Gatsby

Q: What's your favorite song?
A: WAY too hard to answer this one.

Q: How did you end up living in Hawaii?
A: Well my dad is from Hawaii but my family ended up here 16 years ago because my dad was in the Marine Corps and got stationed in Hawaii. He kept extending so we were all here as a family for 9 years, then he retired and my family moved to Kentucky(where my mom is from) but I stayed and have been here ever since.

Q: What do you and your husband do for a living? 
A: Luckily I get to stay at home with little Rowan so I'm not working, but Derek is a high voltage electrician. He works for a private contractor and they do most of their work on the military bases around the island.

Q: What's your favorite (hot and cold) drink?
A: My favorite hot drink would be hot cocoa and my favorite cold drinks would be Starbucks iced chai latte or white chocolate mocha. 

Q: What is your advice for a successful relationship?
A: Find the person who's flaws you can live with forever and who handles your flaws well (and respectfully). Also make sure they're someone that you can talk through anything with and you're golden.

Q: What's your favorite hobby that you couldn't live without?
A: Writing songs/playing music.

Q: Why did you begin blogging?
A: To keep my family on the mainland up to date on our lives and to document the pregnancy. It's also been a great creative outlet. 

Q: How did you get so many followers?
A: Haha hmmm I'll just post my favorite blogging tips for this one:
1: Make your pictures large!
2: Edit your pictures to add some pizazz. You don't have to have a super expensive camera or Photoshop to get a good result. You can do simple editing for free at photobucket or Picnik and it can make a big difference. Just play with the different photo filters.  
5. Building your personal blogging community takes time and you should let it come gradually and naturally. 
6. A good way to expand your readership and "meet" other like-minded bloggers is to sponsor a blog that you love and feel you have something in common with or to make sure you "talk" to other bloggers via their comments section or twitter. Be genuine!

Thanks for all of your questions!


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    Sorry, I'm new to you're blog. LOVE it, can't wait to get stuck in and read some more posts.


  2. Great questions, so fun!
    I love Clueless, and No Doubt too! :)

  3. I love the story about how you and your husband met. And, how exciting about baby #2 on the horizon! :)

  4. this was such a good idea! you are adorable!

  5. What a great Q&A! I have been reading your blog since before Rowan was born and just love it! Keep up the good work, mama! :)

  6. Baby fevahhh LOL Kris and I have names picked out too.. and babies for us are far from the near future :P Such a fun post, glad you did it this way vs. just making a FAQ page :)

  7. Amba: you can watch the videos at my vimeo page here:

    The pregnancy announcement is in the very first post ever of my blog if you go to the archives on the left ;)

  8. i'm just gonna say you are AWESOME. and i mean that genuinely because you seem so genuine yourself. i know i've said it before, but i just love your blog.

  9. Oh Jess I loved this! I didn't know some of these and this was super fun to read! I forgot to post some questions of my own so next time I def. will.