October 29, 2011

The Park

It's been really rainy here lately which is great because the mornings and nights are cool and cuddly and it feels as close to a new season as we get here. This morning we went to get coffee and then took advantage of the fact that it wasn't raining and took Rowan to the park. She loves the swings but wasn't so sure about the slides. As usual, she much prefers just playing with the leaves.
I've been feeling like a bit of an escape artist lately. Daydreaming about the past, feeling nostalgic, reading a lot of books and getting so lost in their stories I feel like I'm living in them. I'm not sure why I've been this way but it's not a bad thing, just different. Maybe my mood is just changing with the weather...


  1. rowan always looks so happy! she is adorable
    ps: where did you get your yellow shirt?

  2. You have such a beautiful family. I have been feeling the same way...getting lost in books, feeling nostalgic...must be the season change.

  3. She is darling. I love her little outfit (and yours)!

  4. She is SO beautiful..!!! she look so HAPPY!

  5. She is THE most darling little thing ever. I really enjoy these pictures.

    PS- her shoes are DARLING

  6. I can't even believe how big she is getting! And you look so pretty in yellow Jess!

    Happy Halloween <3

  7. i love these pics. taking the kids to the park with the hubby is the best.

    and i adore your jacket!!!

  8. Fun little trip to the park, love this! And you look fab, as always.

  9. I love love love that yellow top.. Where did you get it? You should post a picture from the front! Pretty pretty!

    New reader and follower..