November 11, 2011

Holiday Favorites

Here are some of my favorite Etsy finds for this holiday season!

Amazing heels to wear to a Christmas party or out on a date!

Holiday dress!

 Pretty snowflakes!

Adorable wooden toys to give to your kiddos!

How about a Christmas-y mobile for the nursery?

If I had a son, he'd rock these this season.

I may not have a son, but I have a husband!

I think these "naughty & nice" throw pillows are fun.

Cool custom silhouette stockings!

Snowflake coffee mug cozy!

Festive paper straws!

An adorable/thoughtful/affordable gift for him OR her!

Super cute deer hat for your itty bitty.

Gorgeous cocktail ring.

Cozy up in this blanket...


  1. i love those heels! so pretty :) and the keyring is cute too, my mister and i's initials are C & K, how convenient :) xo

  2. great picks. i love the mobile! i actually have one of hers in the boy's rooom.

    this makes me SO excited for xmas ;)

  3. I love all your picks. Between this and the mention of Christmas music and eggnog last week, you have got me in the holiday spirit already! Which is great because Halloween snuck up on us with busy toddler easily filling up all our free time (in a good way!) we barely decorated and did very last minute costumes. I need a good head start to get everything ready for her second Christmas!

  4. Oooh I love these! Especially the coffee mug cozy and those wooden toys are adorable.

  5. I think the deer hat and the blanket are my faves :)

  6. I love that bow tie and suspenders. I'm a huge fan of the duo, and maybe since my boys both love Doctor Who as much as I do, will rock something like that for Christmas. I'm thinking of getting red ones and white ones so that they can mix and match. xx

  7. The shoes and the dress are beautiful! But also the cocktail ring! Very pretty.. like your blog!

    I have a new blog, my first ever :) If you want..take a look!