November 20, 2011

This Weekend

Friday night- D surprised me with flowers after work and we stayed in and watched Captain America(awful movie).
Saturday- All three of us slept in until 10:30 (!!!) then we stopped at Starbucks, shopped at Target and the mall and finally bought Rowan a high chair (we decided on this one and we LOVE it!) Rowan also fell in love with a stuffed animal at Nordstrom so we bought it for her and she's been carrying it around all day every day.
Today: We had breakfast at IHOP, walked around the mall, got Starbucks again, put up some more of our Christmas decorations and my friend came over with her newborn son and I finally got to hold the little guy.. so precious! 


  1. Aww I love her cardigan! And isn't it bizarre to hold such a little baby? It's hard to believe H. was ever that small. Glad you had a great weekend! And good to know Captain America was bad...Hank loves movies like that so I will NOT be seeing it with him. ;)

  2. Captain America was so boring & the villain was laaaaaaame. Never really liked him as a superhero anyway.

    I love Rowan's dress!

  3. haha! I guess it takes sons to love Captain America :)) And what's a weekend without Starbucks right?! :)))))

  4. I loved captain america!! Maybe cause I'm a bit of a geek and think Chris Evans it so fine haha! Sounds like you've had a lovely relaxing time :)That little baby boy is so cute!! xox

  5. does holding a newborn give you baby fever???

  6. What a great weekend! <3 You and your family are so lovely. Love Rowan's new stuffed animal :) And I figured that Captain America would be bad but glad to know for sure :)

  7. i can't stop to say, she's so lovely!!! awww