December 18, 2011

Coloring Book

Last week at dinner, the waiter brought Rowan crayons and a paper to color on.. we thought she would just try to eat the crayons and rip the paper but once we showed her what do to she started coloring away! Well, mostly just making random marks all over the paper but you know what I mean. This got me thinking about making her her first coloring book for Christmas, but to make it special, I photoshopped pictures of our family to look like a coloring book, designed/printed out the cover and then Derek used grommets to bind the book.
We already had a giant box of crayons but I just took out the basic colors and put them in a little bag with an "R" sticker that I had leftover from her birthday party.
I know it will be a while before she's coloring inside the lines, but in the meantime she can practice with this and I can make her an updated book, with updated photos, any time I like... and for free!