February 02, 2012

Valentine's Day Gift Idea

For Christmas, I made Derek a really cute "Love Map" and thought I'd share since Valentine's Day is quickly approaching and it's a quick and easy gift idea!

1. I Googled imaged my state, chose a decent sized picture and then filled it in with black (in photoshop) because I used multiple colors in the following steps and it makes for the best colored background.

2. I Google mapped every one of our big milestone locations during our relationship so that I could pinpoint a more exact spot to place my landmarks on our Love Map. 

3. I found an image of a heart, resized it as small as I could (making sure it still actually looked like a heart.. too small and it just looks like a dot!) and then placed one in each spot on our Love Map while checking with the google map to make sure they're all in the perfect place. 

4. I wrote the map key to the side in the order in which they happened and then selected each one, making them all different colors. Then I did the same for all of the hearts, making each color go with it's matching location color in the map key. 

5. I framed it and we hung it on our picture mural wall!

Hope this inspires you to make one for your sweetie!


  1. Brillian idea! It is especially hard to come up with ideas for men, but this one is perfect!

  2. I love it! Loved the idea when you mentioned it way back and love to see it in its completed state. You are just awesome.

  3. Really cute. Might try it out. Although....I'll have to google map the entire country :/