April 05, 2012

18 Months

Today, my little baby is 18 months and I think it's time I give in and admit that she's a toddler.
She's running all over the place these days and she mimics everything that we do.
She's now saying "thank you" (day-chu), "hi" & "bye", "1 & 2" (uh & do), "awww" when she cuddles things, "woof woof" when she see's a dog, "mama" (her first word) and "dada", "ohhhh cuuuute" and "ohhhh wooooooow." Luckily we haven't heard any defiant "no's" yet but she definitely has her own ways of letting us know what she's doesn't want... like my personal favorite, the arching of the back move accompanied by her best piggy squeal. 
We've continued co-sleeping with her because we just like to! She's so cute and cuddly and we know we can always move her to her crib any time we like because she sleeps anywhere just fine. I love waking up with her right next to me every morning and half of the time she wakes up first, puts her little arm around my neck to wake me up with a hug and when I open my eyes she gives me a kiss and I melt into a cuteness overload puddle and wonder how I got so lucky to have this little girl for a daughter.
Her personality lights up every person she comes in contact with and she's still such a happy, go with the flow kinda kid. Of course, that's not to say it's always rainbows and sunshine, but for the most part we really do have it easy.
Some of her skills include: dancing like nobody's business, fake farting on command (i know, obv you'd just have to see this for yourself. srsly), shooting a fake gun at people until they play dead (again, i know, but it's super cute), high fives, fist bumps (we call 'em "knucks"), push-ups (she does these with her papa and they're even accompanied with a grunting noise), arm wrestling (she beats me every single time), blowing kisses, sniffing like a dog, changing the tv channel with the remote, turning on the specific music that she likes on my iphone (i'm dead serious), asking for "more" in sign language, blowing on her food before she eats it in case it's hot (she always see's us doing it so she mimics us), riding around in her little car that some friend's bought her for her 1st birthday, doing karate kicks that really make her look more like a stomping sumo wrestler and brushing her own teeth like a champ.
Some of her favorite things include: dancing, keys, iPhones, LMFAO, Yo Gabba Gabba!, going for walks, dogs, opening every drawer and cabinet she can find, carrying around her stuffed animals, stickers, bath time/bathtub crayons, when mama fake sneezes, frozen Go-Gurts, chasing bubbles, playing with the buttons on our computer printer, Skyping with friends and family, holding my hand to lead me anywhere in the house she wants to go (this is her new thing, she doesn't even want me to do anything, she just likes having the power to move me around like a chess piece), dancing, did I say dancing?, pulling all of her clothes out of her dresser drawers, bike rides, other kids, helping me do the dishes (yep, she stands on a chair, I stand behind her and give her a sponge and she just plays in the sink water/wipes over the dishes. She learned this from her Gma) and being chased around by us.
I can't believe that she's 1 1/2 but I guess I say that with every passing month. So much precious time is flying by and even though one part of me wishes I could hit "pause" the other part truly loves watching her grow and learn and become such a beautiful person. Here's to toddlerhood and happy half birthday to my lady bird!


  1. Awww happy year and a half Rowan! I love this post, she is so totally adorable. <3

  2. she is so beautiful! time flies, i can remember when you were posting pregnancy updates on here!

  3. I adore this post, makes me excited for the next month with my 17 month old!