May 17, 2012

In My Studio

I know that I've posted plenty of photo snippets of my humble at-home "studio" and that most of you probably aren't very interested. But this is seriously what life looks like to me at some point every single day and I want to have plenty of photographs of these moments to look back on when I can say "remember when I recorded that album at home and how much fun I had?" So here's a small set of photos that I'm liking now, but am sure to love later in life.


  1. I think it is AWESOME that you are recording in your home!! I would totally do that if I had the room and the means :) I love to play and sing too.

  2. That must be such a nice feeling, to have a home and to be able to record the things you love at the place you love. Life is amazing.

  3. ITs so lovely to capture memories isnt it. i love looking back through old posts and loving the pictures even more so now :) x