May 04, 2012

Weekend Fun

Tomorrow morning my girlfriends and I are carpooling to the new Disney resort here in Hawaii and I'm spending my first 24 hours away from Rowan. On one hand, I'm so excited for my first girls' weekend out at a great hotel with an amazing pool (a lazy river even!), snorkeling, enjoying pretty cocktails under the sun and basically having no responsibilities except for to have fun with my friends. On the other hand I'll. Be. Away. From. Rowan. For. 24. Hours. And away from her overnight for the first time ever. 
I know everything will be ok and it'll be good for D and Ro to have a ton of daddy/daughter time but they'll still be tugging at my heartstrings, no matter how much fun I'm having.
Luckily, they're driving to the resort to meet us for brunch with the Disney characters the next day, which I know Rowan will love, and then we're going back to the pool areas until it's time to head home. 
I think this is going to be the best birthday weekend ever.
Oh yea, did I mention my 27th birthday is on Sunday? Woot woot Taurus!
I won't be blogging again until at least Monday but you know I'll be all up on yo' Instagram feed...


  1. Dang girl, this sounds like heaven! Live it up and have a Happy Birthday!!

  2. TAURUS, WHHHAAAAT!! ;) happy birthday!

  3. Taurus is the BEST!!!Happy Birthday! ;)

  4. Sounds heavenly! Have fun!

  5. Dude, so jealous. Have fun!

  6. Sounds wonderful! Have a great birthday :)

  7. HAVE FUN! Wish I could come and crash your party, but I probably will with my Russian birthday song.