July 08, 2012


Phew! After a lot of flying in planes and eating in airports we are finally home. It's good to be back in our home, with our stuff and getting Rowan back on her schedule but I'm so sad to be away from my family again. They live too far away..

Sorry things have been quiet here but I didn't have a proper "set up", if you will, at my parents house to bust a post out and honestly, I was too busy having fun to do it anyway. But I'm back and so are the posts. Let's just start with our first two days in Kentucky. We were greeted by a huge portion of my family at the airport, then we went straight to my uncle's house for lunch and eventually to my parents' house to shower and pass out early after our long day of traveling. Day two was spent at the coffee shop and hanging out at the house with the fam and some of my sister's friends. I didn't get many pictures but there's more to come of our trip this week.
It's good to be back!


  1. Cute photos! I hope Rowan did well on the flight :) Skype soon!

  2. you and your sister are so beautiful! can't wait to see more photos :)

  3. really miss your entry!! miss your adorable girl too!

  4. i love your bag! where is it from??