November 29, 2012


Hey homies.

So remember that time, on New Year's day 2012, when I made a
resolution to record my own album, at home, all by myself,
writing all the songs, lyrics, playing all the instruments, "mixing"
it on my own with no experience and all while trying to make it
sound good, and all within the year? Yea, THAT would be the
main reason I suck at blogging right now. I know, I'm always
talking about this damn album. But this shit has taken over my
life! I'm hustlin' hard to finish it on time now. I've even had to go
as far as looking into day cares for Rowan for the month of
December so I can meet my goal. Recording requires a silent room,
and most of you know that with a toddler, that is not happenin'. So I
only have 2 measly hours each day while she takes her nap that I can
get anything done. First. World. Problems. I know.
But I don't actually mean to complain... only to explain.
I've really enjoyed creating music this year and although at times I
may be super stressed or hard on myself, I'm proud that I've followed
through. It's been fun, and made for a damn good year.
So bear with me? Album coming soon...


  1. You look beautiful! Can't wait to hear your music!

  2. You look GORGEOUS. And I love the new blog design. I'm so excited for you and can't wait to hear it and meet you and drink with you. :)

    1. thanks lover, can't wait to have drinks either... c'mon april!! (fingers crossed for april?)

  3. Love the new design! can't wait for the album.


  4. Congratulations on getting down to it on your album. As the wife of a musician I know how hard it can be. I would love to buy my hubby some software for xmas so he too can record at home, what are you using? (I'm totally clueless in this area)

  5. i'm ditto'n what bettina said... LOVE the new design. that font is one of my faves! and i too can't wait to hear your new album! so proud of you for doing all that you can to keep your promise to yourself... 'cause your love of what you created and being happy with yourself are the only things that matter in the end. XOXO miss you!

  6. I've just stumbled on your blog and I'm now a fan. Your family is beautiful.

    Looking forward to more from you.

  7. you should be so proud of yourself!! hang in there, sounds like you are so so close.

    Love the new look ;)

  8. Recording your own album sounds really nice! Are we ever gonna get the chance to hear it? I'm excited it!

    I've always wanted to record my own album. I was communicating with this SO CALLED PRODUCER last year.. Never got around to doing it. I sing a lot though. I sing in the shower, around the house, in the grocery stores, etc, etc. Sometimes I don't even realize when I'm singing. :)

    Good luck with your album! I hope to see you on MTV soon :D