July 30, 2013

$6 Pool

Thanks, $6 pool, for entertaining my toddler for hours on end. Sometimes it's gorgeous outside but I just don't feel like leaving the house. You + a good Pandora station + iced coffee + this ladybird made for a pretty sweet morning. Let's do it again sometime soon. - Me.

July 26, 2013

A Day In The Life

I filmed these videos one day a couple of weeks ago but am just now getting around to compiling them. This is just a little peek at what a typical weekday looks like for us.
Music by Ratatat

July 23, 2013


You know those moments where you feel like your day to day life is robotic and mundane but then you look back at all of your pictures from only the past month and realize you've had lots of great little adventures? There's nothing wrong with the simple life. You just have to recognize all the little ways you've made that simplicity "more." I think we're all pretty spoiled. That's the real problem here. 

July 22, 2013


About one year ago a family moved in next door with a daughter close to Rowan's age and they've been pals ever since. They have things in common like a love for grapes, riding scooters, unique-ish names, wearing bandaids as fashion statements and loving all things princess-y. It's pretty cute to watch. You know, when they're not fighting. But that's just toddler lyfe yo.

July 21, 2013


Who am I kidding with that post title? It's always summer here. I've put together this post of random beach day pictures for you. Sometimes living in Hawaii makes you go through phases where you take the beach for granted and don't go very often. Let's just say we are not in that phase right now.

July 18, 2013

Father's Day

For Father's Day this year we stayed at the Aulani Disney Resort and it was pretty glorious. We scored a free room upgrade, played in the pools, floated down the lazy river, went down the slides, took turns sipping on tropical cocktails, watched a Disney movie, ate a delicious buffet dinner, danced with Goofy, met Mickey and Minnie Mouse and Stitch, discovered an awesome rec room for kids that Rowan enjoyed exploring and somehow managed not to get sunburnt. It was the bomb. I've been there twice before but it never gets old. It just reminds me again of why I love living here. No place staycations like Hawaii does.

July 15, 2013


Here are some pictures from the rest of May (after my California trip) and some from June and July. I have so many to share I'm just breaking them up into separate posts so that your computer will actually let you open them. You're welcome. Some things I'd like to mention that aren't necessarily related to these pictures: I'm currently in the laziest of lazy modes ever. I don't like it but there are just so many tv shows and movies to catch up on, and so little time. When I'm not so lazy that I'm catching up on that stuff, you can find me trying to potty train Rowan (still failing), going to the cool playground that we recently found tucked away in our neighborhood, redecorating/organizing to prepare for my parents' impending move back to Hawaii (yeah!), painting/coloring/anything artsy with Ro.. she's into it.. I'm into it.. it's cool, writing and re-writing songs, trying to keep Rowan from putting the entire contents of our fridge into her toy grocery cart, going on walks, going for bike rides again since our bikes are more accessible, making acai bowls (seriously, I eat one every single day), enjoying summer picnics and most of all, at the beach. We've been beaching it up like nobody's business. Hopefully one day I can add "regularly blogging" to this list. Probably not though.