November 10, 2014

Beach Daze

Is it really already snowing on the mainland? Sometimes, I feel like we live on a different planet over here. We don't even have to deal with daylight savings time.. but we also don't have IKEA or cheap houses or amusement parks or trips that cost less than $1,200 in just flight costs alone so... tit for tat.
Anyway, we've been to the beach and taken some pictures. Enjoy.

October 13, 2014

Rowan's 4th Birthday

Rowan's 4th birthday was last week and we threw her a little shindig. It was windy but luckily the rain held off so all of the paper decorations didn't go to waste. At one point, Rowan was running back and forth in the yard screaming "this is the best day ever!" so I think we scored some major parent points. Ladies and gentleman, Rowan In Wonderland..

*there were eventually pizzas in the trays with the "eat me" signs.. just forgot to take pictures once they were out. 

September 08, 2014

Current Favs

Hi! It's Monday! Ugh! In honor of Mondays meaning I'm too lazy to think of original content, I wanted to share some of my current favs with you guys. These snazzy pants, my new microphone that actually works properly, HALLOWEEN STUFFS, this mug, this lampshade, Rowan's kitchen playset, Shoedazzle and all the cool bags I buy from them (I now call them Bagdazzle), this inexpensive e.l.f. product that helped me surprisingly well with some hormonal face friends, these not-inexpensive daily contacts that are well worth the price because they saved my dry eyeballs from all the screen time I willingly/stupidly put myself through and this product that I swear faded my wrinkles overnight. Maybe it was just because everything's a little foggy in the morning but I continue to use it nonetheless.
Hope you all have a great start to your week! 

September 03, 2014

Over The Weekend

Over the weekend I had some great food and great company. Can I just say that brunch is my favorite part of the weekend? Aaaand my town just stepped up it's game because there's finally a place where you can order Mimosas and Bloody Marys. I've been griping about our brunch spots for years, so good job Universe for throwing that together for me. I did a little damage at the mall too. Mostly at Sephora, which is always slightly annoying once you get home because HOW did such a tiny bag with so few items cost SO much and I never thought twice while checking out?! Sephora and that voodoo magic! However, I shall maintain my VIB status. ::side eye:: 

Disclaimer: all driving photos that you see/will ever see on this blog are of course taken from the passenger side seat or because I am parked. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people do anything with their phone while driving. Safety first people, safety first.