September 08, 2014

Current Favs

Hi! It's Monday! Ugh! In honor of Mondays meaning I'm too lazy to think of original content, I wanted to share some of my current favs with you guys. These snazzy pants, my new microphone that actually works properly, HALLOWEEN STUFFS, this mug, this lampshade, Rowan's kitchen playset, Shoedazzle and all the cool bags I buy from them (I now call them Bagdazzle), this inexpensive e.l.f. product that helped me surprisingly well with some hormonal face friends, these not-inexpensive daily contacts that are well worth the price because they saved my dry eyeballs from all the screen time I willingly/stupidly put myself through and this product that I swear faded my wrinkles overnight. Maybe it was just because everything's a little foggy in the morning but I continue to use it nonetheless.
Hope you all have a great start to your week! 


  1. Those pants are so cute and look really comfy! And I need to try that zit zapper pal of yours....thanks for sharing :)

  2. LOVE that zit zapper. Cheap and the best.