February 18, 2015


Just catching up from where we left off.. in November.. sigh.
This is the vacation edition: our spontaneous trip to Disneyland over Thanksgiving weekend & our trip to Kentucky for Christmas.
The California trip was amazing. We decided to go on Sunday and bought our tickets and then left Wednesday! It was pretty exciting and we got to fly first class for the first time ever which is good for the soul but bad for the bank account. We were a little tired the first day at Disneyland but Rowan was a trooper and we got to see/do a lot of stuff. All Rowan really cared about was meeting the characters and eating churros but we managed to get on a lot of rides. The second day was California Adventure park and we were well rested and ready to party so I'd say that was a favorite. We went exploring and to Downtown Disney with friends the next day/night and then it was time to head home.
Our Kentucky trip was quite the fiasco, not gonna lie. The first few days were amazing and we were so happy to get Rowan back to Kentucky to see that side of the family again. But the day after Christmas the majority of the then 30 people household got slammed with different strands of colds, flus and bronchitis and we spent the rest of the trip sick and indoors. We tried to tough it out but it really put a damper on the rest of the trip. By the end all we wanted to be was healthy and home again. It was still great to see everyone though. Without further ado.. picture spam.

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