April 27, 2015

Colds & Rainy Days

Rowan caught a cold this past week, poor thing. #Preschoolife. She got to go on her school field trip to a local farm/garden before her fever hit, then missed the next day of school and went back to finish the week. Friday evening Derek and I took her to the movie theater to see Monkey Kingdom (cute) and Saturday we ran some errands and then stayed home and did art projects/etc so that Rowan could rest up a bit more. Sunday was rainy but we had to get out of the house so we went to brunch and then stopped by the beach for a bit before heading for a swim in the pool. I have to say, because it's warm here (and it was a heated pool) rainy days are kinda the best days to go because no one else will be there. I mean you're swimming, you're gonna get wet anyway, so who cares if it's drizzling? We had a good time. Then we headed home for some dinner and a warm bath and our usual bedtime routines. Once Rowan was asleep, we caught up on Mad Men and I read a little before passing out early. It wasn't the most exciting of weeks but it was definitely eventful.

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