April 06, 2015

Easter 2015

6:45am: Woke up to Rowan bouncing on the bed screaming "Mama! Mama! The Easter bunny brought baskets!" (Derek was in the bathroom otherwise there would have been a "Papa!" or two in there.)

6:48am: Watched Rowan rip through her basket(s) & tried to take pictures in our dungeon-dark room.

6:55am: Already let Rowan eat some candy. Whatever!

7:00am: C O F F E E

7:15am: Started watching 101 Dalmatians (Easter gift).

7:45am: Rowan's over the movie because CANDY. GIFTS. She can't be bothered to sit still.

8:00am: Decide to go to Easter brunch with my parents and start getting ready. Listen to Two Door Cinema Club. Decide to wear pastel pink because EASTER.

9:45am: Took forever for all of us to get ready. We're late so it's crowded and we have an hour wait ahead of us. What is life? Oh yea, waiting then experiencing followed by more waiting.

9:50am: Walk down to gazebo and pond area. Ooooh cute ducks! Turtles! Don't fall in the water Rowan! Let's take pictures! No you can't jump into the water. Yes, we have to wait longer. No, I'm not carrying you. Stop hitting my ass with that twig Derek! I'm surrounded by children.

10:45am: Finally got our table and it's the best view in the house might I add.

10:46am: OMG IT'S A BUFFET.

10:50am: Order Guava Mimosa's

10:55am: Put as much food on plate as possible in case they like, run out, or something.

11:00am-11:15am: Scarf and then immediately go back for seconds.

11:35am: Twenty minutes later and still can't finish seconds. Regret decision of even going for firsts.


12:30pm: Home and everyone's lying around half-napping like it's Thanksgiving afternoon.

1:00pm: Start editing maternity photos that I took for a friend. Listen to Best Coast Pandora station.

2:00pm: Eat Caramel Cadbury Eggs. It is Easter after all and I haven't had any chocolate yet.

3:00pm: Still editing. Everyone else is still either napping or watching movies.

3:30pm: Quick dance party in Rowan's room. She's dressed as Cinderella. I can't compete.

4:00pm: Still editing.

5:00pm: Forgot I was a living creature.. bathroom break, snack, continue editing.

5:30pm: Rowan emerges from our room and has to poop which means I have to stand in the bathroom with her and watch her poop because she likes the company.

6:00pm: Almost done editing guys! Love it but my eyeballs are frying off from staring at the computer screen. Take a break. What day is it? Is it still Easter? Eat another Cadbury Egg.

6:30pm: Back to editing. Derek checks in but only to make fun of my honorable photography dedication.

7:00pm: Eating dinner with everyone even though none of us are that hungry.

8:00pm: I'M DONE EDITING. The pictures are awesome, no big deal.

8:10pm: Rowan takes a bubble bath wearing complete set of snorkel gear including fins. She's the best.

8:35pm: Rowan and I both get cozy in our pjs, brush teeth and head to bed where we find Papa halfway to Snoozeville already.

8:45pm: I cuddle Derek, Rowan gets jealous, turns into resentful family hug and then Rowan tells us we're not her parents anymore.

8:45pm continued: We tell Rowan she has to sleep in her own bed tonight. We're her parents again.

8:46pm: I'm back on my side of the bed and Rowan is torturing us with a Minecraft gameplay video on YouTube. Try to talk her into letting me read her a bedtime story instead. Give up 'cause she's not having it and my eyes hurt too much to try to read anyway.

8:47pm: Put in some eyedrops.

8:56pm: Rowan passes out and I contemplate watching one episode of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix.

9:00pm: Asleep.

Hope you all had a relaxing Easter!

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