April 20, 2015

Over The Weekend

Phew, what a weekend!

Friday: Rowan had school and I started recording a cover I'm working on. Then we took Rowan iceskating after Derek got home from work and grabbed some take out and slushies.

Saturday: Rowan got car sick and threw up all over herself while we were driving to meet a friend. We ended up at the store buying her a new dress and after cleaning up went to lunch at Chilies. Then finally got Rowan a booster car seat because (besides throwing up in her old car seat) she meets the weight and height requirements and her shoulders were officially higher than the shoulder straps. She loves it so much and can't stop talking about being a big kid. Seriously though, where has my toddler gone? After we came home I did some things around the house while Derek and Rowan took a super late nap because we decided to take Rowan out with us to Derek's show. Rowan was so excited to get to see him play the drums and hang with all of our friends and just be out and about at night. She wore her noise reduction earmuffs and we occasionally took her upstairs to draw in the office while the other bands were playing to get a break from the crowd. She loved it, although I don't think we'll be doing it again anytime soon. This was just a special big girl day for her. 

Sunday: Slept in, went shopping and then to lunch at CPK. Rowan chose her outfit to match mine and then kept saying she was "rock n roll" and that "we're rock n roll 'cause we like bands." She also told me that if she was in a band she'd be the singer so... the apple doesn't fall far. We got home mid-afternoon and lounged, finished laundry, cleaned, ate, gave Rowan a bath, got ready for bed and watched the newest episode of Mad Men. Speaking of which, isn't Don just the worst to watch now? So pathetic. Everyone is really. It seems like at this point the only note they could possibly end the show on is a depressing one. I hope they can turn the vibe around. Also, GAME OF THRONES. That show is everything.

Happy Monday Folks!

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