May 12, 2015

My 30th Birthday

Last Wednesday was my 30th birthday. I'm cool with entering a new decade of my life, but it is certainly weird that I just typed that out. I mean, how did this happen so fast? The night before my birthday I took a moment right before falling asleep to really think back on my 20's, appreciate all that they gave me and say goodbye. It was a sweet moment, as my 20's sure did give me a lot. Good, bad but mostly great and I'm very grateful for that.

Now on to the festivities! Derek worked nights last week so I couldn't celebrate with a birthday dinner. Then due to scheduling and Mother's Day, this past weekend wouldn't work so the previous Sunday I enjoyed a day of lunch and shopping with friends as my official birthday celebrations. I thought it would be the end of it and I would spend my actual birthday with a Starbucks by myself Wednesday morning and then with Rowan after school (Derek would be sleeping all day to prepare for work that night). But my friend Julia surprised me by taking the day off from work and treating me to a morning at the beach, a massage and lunch! Then I came home to a streamer strewn home and presents courtesy of Rowan and Derek. That night my friends Denise and Dez also came over and brought a beautiful homemade pastel rainbow cake with coconut frosting and my favorite cotton candy ice cream. It was delicious fun! So far, 30's not bad at all.