May 21, 2015

Rowan Lately

Just thought I'd put a little Rowan update on the blog since there was a time that I would list her likes and dislikes every month. But you know, you stop counting months and then you stop blogging as often and next thing you know there's a lot of catching up to do. So for posterity's sake, Rowan's current favorite things:

- Sleeping. She never sleeps in past 8:30am but we get up at 7 for school and those mornings are always difficult because not only does she want to sleep but I want to stay in bed and snuggle her because she is just theee best and cutest snuggle buddy of all time. 

- Coloring/Drawing/Pens/Pencils/Markers/Notepads/Notebooks. Anything and everything stationery shall be hers! She's got quite the collection. 

- Games. She especially loves Guess Who? But also Trouble, Uno, Dominos, Let's Go Fishin', memory card matching games and yes, she plays Mario Kart on our Wii U now and then. Takes after her mama after all and she's getting pretty good too. She's a big fan of Legos as well but who isn't?

- Mini putt putt golfing, bowling and iceskating. 

- Picking, collecting and watering flowers. 

- Dressing herself. Gone are the days when I would pick out her outfits. She's especially fond of her little black fringe purse, things that she deems "rock n roll" (usually her distressed jean skirt or anything black or leopard), fake prescription cat eye glasses that used to be mine, sunglasses & her black ankle boots. She also loves to wear things that she thinks "look like mama" which is adorable. We often match but it's either her idea or coincidence. She's also being more adventurous with her hair finally. We went through a very long phase of only ponytails, pigtails or her hair just down or with a bang clip. Now she loves headbands and let's me put her hair in a bun or braids more often. 

- Waiting at the door for Papa to come home from work. 

-  Icee's, sugar free popsicles, cotton candy ice cream and popcorn are her favorite treats. 

- School. She still loves it and keeps asking to do full days instead of half days. I've considered putting her in full days next year but it's just so much more money for basically lunch and a nap. We'll see.. 
We just had her last school field trip of the year this week and got to take a tour of Hawaiian Airlines and even tour a plane/the cockpit. It was super cute and fun. 

- Last but not least,  music and "tuitar!" We keep correcting her that it's "guitar" and she can say it properly but she still usually calls it tuitar. She keeps telling us that she wants to basically start a family band with Papa on the drums, Mama on guitar and Rowan singing. I'm tempted to really do it.. In the band she only sings but in real life at any given point in the day you will find her either playing her guitar or it'll be right next to her. She's genuinely into it so I'm going to start teaching her some basics. The girls got rhythm, that we know for sure so I think she'll pick it up pretty quickly. We also want to put her in some piano lessons soon. 
Her favorite artist at the moment is Katy Perry and she makes us play Roar and Dark Horse on repeat in the car. The other day she came to me with her guitar and asked if I would learn the "lion song" (Roar) on guitar so she could strum along on hers and sing. It was the cutest thing ever. I tried to take video but when we were done I had hit start and stop so I got none of it :(. Next time!

The only things I feel I should add are that she loves her new "big kid" booster seat, she likes to check in the mirror every day to see how tall she's getting, she loves her friend Zaciah who she is apparently marrying so we're at that stage, she also frequently tells me that she's marrying Papa and that he's breaking up with me to marry her. She loves to play with my makeup and steal my lipstick to carry around in her purse. She loves our family hugs where we all three huddle together and it is so precious I almost cry every time. She currently loves the Jurassic Park movies and they don't scare her at all, which I find hilarious because they scared me when I first watched them and I was like 8 or 9. Her favorite things to draw are people, rainbows, the sun, clouds, trees, flowers and cockroaches (?!). Even if she has the smallest scrape in the world she can't bear to look at it so she usually has a Band-Aid on her somewhere to hide it. She recently stubbed her big toe and went through, no exaggeration, about 20 Band-Aids a day because they would come off quickly from walking. We need to win some sort of Band-Aids For Life competition if we ever plan to save and pay for her college. Last but not least, she's obsessed with getting a puppy. Specifically a fluffy white one.
That about wraps it up! I'll try to do another update around her birthday which is only 5 months away now.. she'll be five. FIVE. 


  1. Tuitar! AHHHH! I think about "manas" sometimes when I say "milk." She's so adorable. <3

  2. This whole post made my ovaries scream a little. She's absolutely adorable.