June 13, 2015


Rowan's out of school for the summer and we've been on lots of little adventures. But she got sick again recently and it was rainy (again) so we were stuck doing a lot of indoor stuff. We played games and baked, did some schoolwork (just free school lessons I printed off the internet to keep her in the school routine a bit), had a few dance parties, listened to a lot of Katy Perry, played some music (recorded some music too), went shopping and went to lunch a couple of times. 
It's been really nice having Rowan out of school even though I thought I would miss having those school hours to myself. She's acting so grown up these days and although she has her moments, she's been such a good girl and big help around the house. She's always been a picky eater but she's even been trying a lot of new foods and doing things that scared her only a few months ago. She's growing up so fast. So I'm relishing in this season that I have every day with her before she's off to school and I have my alone time again. Because let's be real, I probably only have a few more years (maybe less) of her wanting to hang out with me all of the time before her independence really kicks in and she's out with her friends or full-time school or whatever activities she's involved in and I'm no longer her #1 sidekick. So I'm soaking up this summer.

This picture was taken on her last day of school. 

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