September 21, 2015


We have a new(ish) family member & his name is Alfie! He’s a Holland Lop and we’ve had him for a month now, although it feels like he’s been with us forever. I’d never had a pet bunny before so besides the internet research that we did, I really didn’t know what to expect from him personality-wise. Luckily we scored and he's a very cool little guy. He actually reminds me of a cat in a lot of ways. He mostly lounges around all day in his various favorite chill spots but when he’s really happy he runs around and does his happy jumps called “binkies.” It’s super cute to watch him enjoy himself so much and luckily he does this pretty often since we’re litter training him and he has free range of our kitchen living room area. We only put him in his cage at night and when we leave the house for long periods of time. Right now we use a store bought cage but we are in the process of designing a larger DIY home for him so he’ll be even more comfortable. 
But enough about all that.. on to the pictures!

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