October 31, 2016

The Pumpkin Patch

We went to the pumpkin patch yesterday and boy have they upgraded that event since the last time we went. So many rides, so much fun. I only wish it wasn’t so hot because this pregnant lady felt a little like passing out by the end of it.. but we still enjoyed making more Halloween season memories.  Hope you all have had an awesome October. We’re about to get into our costumes and then head out for trick or treating. I’m sure it will be spooktacular!

October 25, 2016

Bumpdate / Week 19

How far along: This is the last day of my 19th week.

Baby size: About the size of an heirloom tomato (6 inches from head to rump, 8 1/2 ounces).

Must have items: Tylenol, since I’ve been getting headaches almost every day. Most of the time I don’t even take it but I always have it with me just in case I can’t bear waiting for my extra water intake to kick in.

Sleep: It’s been pretty good although the vivid pregnancy dreams have started. Always a trip. 

Cravings: Mexican and sweets.

Baby movement: Kicking up a storm some days and pretty chill other days this week.

Gender: Still a girl, I assume. 

Favorite moment: My favorite moment this week involves Rowan. She wanted to wear a pretty crazy outfit to school yesterday and though I try to let her be herself and creative with her clothes, some outfits are just a hard no. I told her she only had to change her shirt but she refused. She stormed off into her room and when she came back she was holding out one of her necklaces with a charm on the end towards me, swinging it back and forth, saying “mama you will let me wear this shirt, you will let me wear this shirt!” She was legit trying to hypnotize me! I laughed until I cried.
She still changed the shirt.

Least favorite moment: My least favorite moment was the day that the baby kicked the least. I still felt her but barely and the kicks were spread out so I got a little paranoid all throughout the day. Since then she’s been moving a lot more though, especially today. 

October 14, 2016

Bumpdate / Week 18

How far along: 18 weeks, 3 days.

Baby size: The size of a bell pepper (about 5 1/2 inches)

Must have items: My growing belly has finally started itching so I’ve been all about my cocoa butter lotion every morning and night.

Sleep: Still dealing with RLS most nights but I’m sleeping well overall.

Cravings: Not really craving anything new. Mexican food is always good, but I’ve been more into just the guacamole/chips, beans and rice than I have my usual tacos lately.

Baby movement: I felt the baby kick for the first time Tuesday night! It was the best.

Gender: Shes a girl!

Favorite moment: My favorite moment was definitely feeling the baby kick. I thought I felt it so I put my hand on my belly and waited.. she kicked again! I wasn't exactly sure if I felt it on my hand or just from inside but I had Derek put his hand on my belly just in case and then he felt it too. It was a sweet moment. We called Rowan into our room to try to feel it but she got too impatient after a couple of minutes and went back to her room to watch her movie lol. I have felt the baby moving and kicking every day since then. :)

Least favorite moment: My least favorite moment was feeling lightheaded and “the boat” feeling again on Sunday. The combo made me feel like I was floating around like a ghost all afternoon, and not in a fun Halloween way.

October 12, 2016

Halloween Decor

Unfortunately I couldn’t find one of my Halloween tubs this year so I couldn’t put up everything I have, but I’d say it’s still lookin’ pretty Halloween-ie over here. As usual, I’ve been loving this month and all the festivities that come with it. It’s the most exciting time! I hope you’re all having fun and getting spooky this October. What are you all going to be for Halloween??

October 06, 2016

Baby #2 Gender Reveal

IT’S A...

GIRL! We were so shocked when we find out because we, and almost everyone else, were sure it was a boy but surprise! Rowan will have a sister! We are all super excited and now it’s time to start rethinking names again because we’ve been choosing with a boy in mind this entire time haha! Looks like I’m still a “girl mom” and Derek is still outnumbered..

I’m only 17 weeks along now but the new ultrasound machine that they used is so crazy you can already see what she might look like. Technology is insane. 

We can't wait to meet you sweet girl! 

October 05, 2016

Rowan Is 6

Rowan is 6 years old today! I cannot comprehend time right now.. HOW?! I feel like this was just yesterday. 

I’m so proud of the little lady she has become and can’t wait to see how she will tackle the role of “sister.” It will be a magical thing to experience. She’s so motherly and hilarious and fun.. baby #2 will be lucky to have her around. Just like her papa and I are. So so lucky. Happy birthday sweet Rowie! We love you!

October 03, 2016

Bumpdate / Week 16

How far along: 16 weeks, 6 days. I know, I’m already almost 17 weeks but I’m still getting used to blogging again. For example I thought it had only been a few days since I posted something but it’s actually been two weeks. Fail.

Baby size: The size of an avocado (about 4 1/2 inches)

Must have items: My new giant pregnancy pillow that wraps all the way around my body. I call it my throne. It's glorious.

Sleep: The pregnancy pillow has helped a lot now that I’m unable to sleep on my back and only my sides. The real issue I’ve been having is Restless Leg Syndrome. I remember having it when I was pregnant with Rowan but I don’t think it was until my third trimester and it wasn’t every night. Now I have it within minutes of lying down in bed at night. Not cool.

Cravings: First thing I’d like to note is that I’m able to drink plain water again, yay! It’s the simple joys people. Other than that I’ve been craving Mexican food and chocolate lately.

Baby movement: There have been two times that I think I felt a little flutter of movement from the baby, but can’t be 100% sure. So.. maybe?

Gender: WE FIND OUT IN 2 DAYS (!!!!)

Favorite moment this week: My favorite moment was this past Saturday when I felt, physically, the best I’ve felt in a long time. Besides a mild headache I had NONE of my pre-pregnancy or pregnancy symptoms and it was the best.

Least favorite moment this week: My least favorite moment was when I went to my doctor’s appt last Thursday and she told me she might already be able to tell me the baby’s gender if it’s in the right position, got my hopes up, only to tell me that she couldn’t get a clear shot because the baby’s foot was in the way. I had a mini emotional breakdown on the phone with my mom afterward but then got over it because our anatomy scan was coming up soon anyway. Preg problems.