November 10, 2016

Bumpdate / Week 22

How far along: 22 weeks, 2 days. 5 1/2 months!

Baby size: 11 inches long and almost weighs 1 pound ( about the size of a spaghetti squash).

Must have items: Cocoa butter lotion and my belly band because none of my pants fit (actually I’ve already been using the belly band for weeks, just failed to mention until now). Although I do think it’s time to start shopping around for some good maternity jeans because I’m sick of the band and don’t want to wear leggings everyday. Also longer dresses, I just can’t deal with shorter dresses right now at all. 

Sleep: It’s fine unless I wake up for more than a minute. Then I’m wide awake for at least an hour. Annoying but an inconvenience I’ll take any day over most other pregnancy probs. 

Cravings: Skittles

Baby movement: She’s a karate kid I tell ya’.

Gender: Girl.

Favorite moment: Rowan has been so excited about a friend’s upcoming wedding that we’re attending and talks about it everyday as if it were Christmas morning. She plans her outfit, accessories, hair, makeup and I’m pretty sure she thinks she’s going to a royal ball. Yesterday she told my dad that she’s actually marrying him at the wedding. She’s told Derek that she would marry him as well. Of course, we’ve explained a thousand times that you can’t marry your family members but I just think it’s so sweet how excited she is and how much she loves the men in her life. 

Least favorite moment: You know the drill by now, I’m not a fan of the lightheaded spells or “the boat” feelings. They come and go and some days are way better than others but I’m slowly learning better ways to cope with it all. 

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