November 01, 2016


Trick or treating was a success! My only gripe is that Rowan surprisingly didn’t want to stay out as long as I thought she would and I was having so much fun roaming the neighborhood and looking at all the costumes. How could my biological child not want to stay out all night long on Halloween?! Pretty sure it’s just because she wanted to go home and start eating candy already. As for our costumes, I took different pieces from past costumes and went as a Victorian masquerader. Rowan was supposed to wear a masquerade costume with me but decided on Halloween day to be Cinderella, and gone are the days that I control her costume decisions, so Cinderella she was. Derek went as Alan carrying Carlos from The Hangover. It was hilarious how many people thought he was just an un-costumed dad wearing his real baby. We kept hearing “awww look his baby is wearing sunglasses!” lol. It was super fun and I can’t wait to trick or treat with another little costumed family member next year. Hope you all had a fun night!

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