December 07, 2016

Bumpdate / Week 26

How far along: 26 weeks. 

Baby size: 14 inches and 1 2/3 pounds.

Must have items: Cocoa butter lotion and hair ties to loop through the button hole of my pants and around the button since I can’t find my belly band anywhere. Also, long shirts.

New symptoms: Back pain. I have to sit insanely straight all the time or my back kills me. Luckily I can stretch it out but it’s still annoying. I’ve also already started having light acid reflux in the evenings. It’s nothing too bothersome yet but I didn’t even have it until the very last weeks of pregnancy with Rowan (and it was awful!) so hopefully this doesn’t mean it will get a lot worse with time. My least favorite symptom is my ears plugging all the time and constantly trying to pop them all day so I don’t hear myself talking so strongly. It drives me crazy. I’ve also had some tingly numb spots off and on (usually when I’m sitting) at the top of my belly. I googled up on it and I guess a lot of pregnant women experience it and it’s most likely a pinched/pressed nerve or something. 

Sleep: Rowan has occasionally been calling me into her room in the middle of the night to cuddle her back to sleep but other than that it’s all good. 

Cravings: Way too much sugar. I’m officially trying to cut out sugar besides my one Starbucks drink (or at home coffee creamer if I’m not doing Starbucks that day) but it’s hard during the Christmas season so let’s be real and call it more of a “cut back” than a “cut out”.

Baby movements: Getting stronger every day and my favorite thing about pregnancy. 

Gender: She was definitely still a girl at my last ultrasound. 

Maternity clothes yet? I’ve bought an asos maternity night shirt, a maternity dress and a maternity shirt from Target. Otherwise just wearing all of my longer tops and either my belly band or hair tie, like I mentioned above, so I can avoid maternity pants. I have no issue with maternity clothing, I just would rather not spend money on them if I don’t have to. 

Favorite moment: I stayed in the car while Derek and Rowan were in a store. The baby started moving so I was talking to her and I had three baby names to ask her about for fun.. 
I said “ kick if you want your name to be ______”. No kick.
“Kick if you want your name to be ______”. Big kick!
“Ok kick you want your name to be ______” No kick. 
So I went back to the second name again.. “so you really want your name to be ______?” Another big kick! It was so cool! I know I could chalk it up to coincidence but I told Derek and Rowan about it and Derek said "well I guess if that happens again we really should name her that!” So we’ll see, maybe she’ll be picking out her own name. That would actually help because we’re stumped. It’s just so hard to choose! Especially when all three of us don’t agree on a favorite.

Least favorite moment: Just how fast this pregnancy is flying by in general. I had a mini emotional breakdown about it a few nights ago. I feel like I haven’t taken enough pictures, I can’t get everything prepared (more on that in the next post), I haven’t blogged/documented enough for this baby and so on. I’m always out and about with my mom and then it’s off to get Rowan from school, do homework, dinner, bath time, night-time routine, yada yada yada. Next thing I know the day's gone and I’m too tired to type out all my thoughts and don’t have any pictures to go with them anyway. Any time you see a blog post it’s on the rare day that I go straight back home after I drop Rowan off at school. I just don’t want this baby to look back on the blog and feel cheated, ya know? I guess it’s kind of too late since I can’t really make up for the last 6 months. Maybe I should just start blogging hard core for the next three months and call it even? Yea right. 

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