December 21, 2016


Today I had another 3D ultrasound to check on my placenta because it was slightly low at my 17 week appt. Good news, it moved and I’m in the clear! More good news, we got to see awesome video of our baby bird and brought home some cute pictures. We’re all kind of tripping out over how much this baby looks like Rowan. They’re practically twins as far as these pictures go, but she’s got a while to bake in there so I’m sure she’ll change a bit as she puts on more weight. These pictures are my favorite and oh my, that little yawn (that they also caught on our video!) is so cute I can’t even stand it. 
I’m officially in my third trimester and feeling pretty good. But last week? Horrendous. I stood over Rowan’s drawers with my head down for too long and it threw something off in my head and all of my symptoms came back. Still seems like an inner ear problem to me but like I wrote in a previous post about my health, they swear everything looks fine. Anyway, my symptoms have gradually gotten better since then and yesterday was the fist day I felt pretty “normal” again. Today was even better. Fingers crossed that it stays this way. 
Other than that, Rowan is now out of school for winter break and we’re going to be doing a lot more Christmas type things in the next few days so I will try to be good and take lots of pictures to share. I hope you’re all having a great holiday season!

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