January 31, 2017

What’s In My Hospital Bag?

Now that I’ve already had a baby I’m aware of the fact that you don’t actually need to bring much to the hospital after all. Last time we brought a bunch of unnecessary things and I’m pretty sure I didn’t take a single thing out of that bag except for my extra clothes. So this time around I’m keeping that in mind and only bringing things that I think we’ll actually reach for. Not everything is pictured here because I’m either still looking for it or it will be packed closer to my due date but I will get into that below. Also, this weekender bag that we’re using is from Target, in case any of you are interested. 

 Last time I labored/gave birth in a comfy tube top dress of my own. This time I plan on wearing a comfy robe. I’m actually bringing two, one dark cotton one to labor/give birth in and one “nicer” robe to change into once I’ve had the baby and gotten settled in for continuous rounds of cuddles, breastfeeding and visits from family and friends. I’ll also be bringing a nursing bra, warm socks with rubber soled bottoms, slippers (not pictured), toothbrushes/paste and deodorant for me and Derek. The nipple shield was a lifesaver last time around so I will be bringing a couple with me just in case. Besides the robe, the horrible granny underwear and aftercare products will be provided by the hospital so I’ll be wearing those while there and then I’m bringing a plain black tee shirt dress to wear home. I thought about bringing some pjs but honestly I’ll probably live in my robe while there so I’m really not concerned about them. As for things not pictured: Derek will have a change of clothes or two, his iPad, our phones and all of our chargers. We may also bring a couple of snacks but we were perfectly fine with the hospital food last time so that’s not even necessary really.

For the baby we’ll be bringing a few of her blankets and outfits/bows, a letter board for the baby announcement ‘cause it was too cute to pass up (not necessary but I know we’ll use it), our camera to document everything (extra batteries not pictured but we’ll for sure have them) and a thank you card for the staff. Last time my mom ran out and got donuts for us to give to them along with a card on our way out. I definitely will be buying them some kind of treat to go with the card this time as well. One important thing not pictured is a gift to Rowan from the baby. I’ve been trying to get an idea of something that Rowan really wants, so I haven’t gotten it yet but I know it will be a very sweet surprise for her. She’s old enough that she will probably ask suspicious questions about “how the baby got it for her” but young enough to believe in Santa and magic. So I know she’ll be excited to hear about the “baby fairy” who helps bring presents to older siblings on behalf of new babies... 😉. 

Other than that we will of course have the new infant carseat installed and ready to go and the grandparents on hand for any extra help needed. We’re getting close people! The excitement is definitely building over here. See you soon baby bird!

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  1. Love the idea of the “baby fairy”!
    I once brought staff a gummy-bear-"pizza", lasted quite long. Well, in the sense of everyone got a bit :-)