February 15, 2017


How far along: 36 weeks

Baby size: Almost 6 pounds and more than 18 1/2 inches long.

Must-have items: Not an item but my must have right now is just attention from Derek and Rowan. I’ve been really needy and all I want is family time. I had Rowan at 38 weeks and I feel like I will have this baby around that time as well, so we may only have 2 weeks left (!!) before baby bird is here.

Symptoms: I started feeling like I have a bit of a cold, so that always brings my “boat symptoms” back. But they’ve been light so hopefully I can get it over with so that I don’t have a cold or any other symptoms when I go into labor. Fingers crossed!

Sleep: Sleep has been fine when I’m just waking up here and there from the baby kicks but Rowan has been sneaking into our room a lot in the middle of the night. She pretty much takes over most of our queen-sized bed so that’s always a rougher nights sleep. I understand though, she knows somethings about to change and I’m sure she’s just needy for some quality time with Mama and Papa too. 

Cravings: Just sweets but trying to stay away except for treats on the weekends. Valentine’s Day didn’t help much with that though..

Baby movement: All day, all night. 

Gender: A little lady.

Favorite moment: Our babymoon! Derek and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary last Tuesday as well. ❤️

Least favorite moment: Just being over emotional in general. I was fine until the third trimester and then I slowly started becoming more sensitive. Hormones, man. But I think it’s a combo of hormones and also getting closer to my due date and starting to feel the pressure of that. On one hand, I’m really excited and ready for the baby to be here and on the other, I just cannot get enough time with D + R. I see them literally every day but I’m just trying to make everything extra special all the time. I mean being really emotional in a positive way is great, but one day I cried off and on for 12 hours just because Derek was an hour late to get home. So that’s where I’m at on the pregnant emotional scale lol.

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