February 22, 2017

Long Weekend

This past weekend all of my needy dreams came true because it was 4 days long! Derek did have to go into to do a little bit of work stuff on Friday morning but after that we hung out, ate lunch, picked Rowan up from school and then had a movie night at home with popcorn and Trolls. Saturday we went to breakfast, installed our infant carseat (!) and then Rowan had a mini putt putt playdate that turned into an all afternoon/evening playdate so we had a sitter. Derek and I took advantage of that time to enjoy a date at the movies. Right now I literally cannot breathe in regular theater seats so we’ve been going to the theater with the leather recliners and they get a big A+ from me. Even after I have the baby I’m pretty sure we will mostly be going to this theater now. We picked Rowan up around 7:30pm and she was so exhausted from running around with her friend all day we barely got her in and out of the shower and into pjs before she passed out for the night. Sunday we decided to try out a different breakfast place and enjoyed a variety of crepes, then we ran some errands, hung out at home and eventually had an early dinner in town. We all piled into our bed and watched another movie that night. Rowan fell asleep fast again and we didn’t move her so I didn’t get very good sleep. She’s getting too big and steals my covers but I know that the baby will be here soon so when she really wants to sleep with us, I let her. On Monday Derek went dirt biking and I took Rowan to itrampoline with some friends. The kids bounced and ran wild and Rowan got a glitter tattoo while the mamas relaxed and talked baby stuff pretty much the entire time. We hung out with Gma and Gpa for a bit afterwards and by the time we got home we were doing dinner/bedtime routines to prepare for work/school the next day. Basically it was the best. Even the simple days together and like Derek said at the time, it could be our last weekend just the three of us because I’m now 37 weeks. Baby bird could hatch at any moment, and she just might because changes are a’happenin’ already this week.. we shall see.  

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