Hey guys! I'm Veronica Daylight (also known as Jessica), a blogger and musician living in Hawaii. I have a daughter named Rowan who I'm lucky enough to stay home with although she goes to preschool in the mornings now so HEYYY FREEDOM! I love that kid so much. She's hilarious and sweet and basically my favorite human on this entire planet. I'm happily married to Derek, who is also a musician but mostly a hardworking manly man that can build and fix anything. We enjoy relaxing at home, going to the zoo, to shows, movies, having game nights, dinners, throwing themed parties and having drinks with friends. Some of my personal favorite things are salt & vinegar Pringles, YA book series', anything having to do with Gwen Stefani, Starbucks iced chai tea lattes, astrology, dry shampoo, being goofy, my friends, laughing until I cry, hanging out in floats in the ocean, fantasy films, lipstick, clothes, tattoos, writing music & performing & girls nights out.
I hope you like some of those things too.. 
If so, grab yourself a coffee & stay awhile. We're now bffs. Your friendship bracelet is in the mail.